The duration of the course is 12 hours distributed as follows:

Two beach sessions of 3 hours each. In which you will learn:

Notions about wind conditions (direction, intensity, etc.)

The functioning and handling of a kite, set ups and disassembly.

Practices of launching & landing the kite, handling, kite flying, security systems, Emergency pack down / Self rescue techniques and all the necessary exercises for once we finish our learning at the beach, we could start practicing in the water with maximum security and guarantee.

Three sessions in the water with an auxiliary boat of 2 hours each session:

The water lessons with our auxiliary boat offer you the necessary tranquility so that you can concentrate totally on what you are doing. This way your learning ability multiplies.


For those who want full attention. Learning is much faster.


For an additional 120 Eur/course, Lessons in the water with an auxiliary boat (two hours).

SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS two people : 450 Eur / Person

Ideal for couples, or friends who wish to share the experience.

For an additional 100 Eur/ per person , lessons in the water with use of an auxiliary zodiac-type boat (two hours).

GROUP LESSONS Three or four people : 380 Eur/person

Maximum two students per instructor.

For an additional 80 Eur/per person, lessons in the water with use of an auxiliary zodiac-type boat (two hours).


Aimed at people who already know how to sail and are independent, but are unaware of the particularities of some of our beaches.

We offer advice and supervision on the beach.

  • Using your own equipment 70 Eur
  • Using our equipment 80 Eur

Duration two hours.