At Kunkelii kite school our work is our passion, and that passion is what we try to transmit. Always prioritising safety, so that our students are able to have an unforgettable experience that will change their lives.

Why Kunkelii KiteSurf School ?

Our instructors are certified by the FEV (Spanish sailing federation), essential qualifications to be able to give LEGAL kite courses in Spanish territory.

Auxiliary boat for lessons in the water: we have a 6-metre length semi-rigid boat (Zodiac type), with a suzuki engine of 150 c.c. , essential requirements for the course to be legal. (according to Government regulations of the Canary Islands).

The equipment used by our school to carry out the courses is high quality and latest generation equipment (boards, kites, harnesses, life jackets, wetsuits, helmets) facilitating learning with maximum safety.

We have radio control systems that facilitate instantly and direct communication between the instructor and the student, achieving faster and safer learning.

We have civil liability and accident insurance for all our students. We also have insurance for our equipment included in the prices.

If you are thinking about coming to Gran Canaria and want to learn in a safe and fast way, one of the most amazing and booming water sports of the year, Kunkelii kitesurf school is your school.

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We thought of Lotus Kunkelii because it is an endemic plant species (unique in the world). Combed by the trade winds of the coastal sector of the Jinamar ravine, it is found where the lessons usually take place.

Furthermore, this species is considered endangered and, due to its high degree of threat, the species is under a recovery plan.


Certified by FEV (Spanish sailing federation)

Jose Maria Barreiro Oreiro


National kiteboarding instructor certified by the FEV (Spanish sailing federation) with more than twelve years of experience in kitesurfing. He competed in the GKA World Championship in Dhakla 2016 wave modality.

José Garcia -Tuñon Rodriguez


With more than ten years experience in the practice of kitesurfing and more than 25 years in the practice of light sailing modality 420, with an extensive palmares:

The most outstanding achievement :

  • Territorial Championship class 420 – first classified (1991)
  • XXII S.R.A Princess Sofia class 420 – first classified (1991)
  • World Championship class 420 in Israel – second place (1992)
  • Spanish Championship class 420 Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria- second classified (1992)
  • Spanish Championship Class 420 Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria – first classified (2000).

Why Gran Canaria?

The Canarian archipelago, also known as fortunate islands, is geographically located northwest of the African continent.

Due to its latitudinal location and the proximity of the Azores anticyclone, the islands are affected, almost all year round, by the trade winds (Vientos Alisios). These are constant winds that blow from the both polar areas of the two hemispheres (high pressure), to the equatorial zones (low pressure).

These same trade winds are those that provide us with one of the best climates in the world, having an average annual temperature of 20º Celsius, ideal for practicing water sports.

Gran Canaria, due to its orography and round shape, is the luckiest of the fortunate islands in terms of wind. Having an average of more than three hundred days a year of wind. This fact together with its mild climate, make Gran Canaria one of the best places in the world for the practice of Kite surfing.